It’s Bio Time!

First up… Samantha.

I am a very health conscious twenty year old that is interested in seeing how different things react with my body. The coolest, ever ongoing, experiment someone can do is the one with their own body. Everyday I take into account the amount of sleep I have had, water, what foods, positive or negative thoughts, exercise, etc, and see what happens when I change those variables. I have been to more doctors in my few short years here than I would like, but what I have found is that while they were all extremely intelligent beings there was no way they could know my body as well as I do. This ultimately has led me on my quest to see what works and doesn’t work.. for me. Hopefully some of the things I try sparks your curiosity, but more importantly can in some form or fashion benefit you too!

Career Objective: Chiropractor

Current job(s): doTERRA Essential Oils, Lululemon Educator

FWTS (Favorite way to sweat): anything outside; partial to gymnastics, interval training… also can’t deny my ever growing love for yoga!

Hobbies: Photography, cooking, friends and traveling

8 week goal: To love my body and all its imperfections through changing my thought processes

2013 goal: Live in the moment

Favorite way to relax: dance party and a bottle of red with my friends, or hiking

One thing 2012 taught me: authenticity

Go to breakfast in a jam: Fresh juice or smoothie.. quick and easy clean up included and can also go with you

Current book: Man’s Greatest Gift to Man… Chiropractic

Music obsession: Its always changing

Health problem(s): joint inflammation

Leave us a comment with your answers to these questions! We would love to get to know everyone and hear some fun facts!

Later this week you will finally get your introduction to Loren and Sogoal. Two very powerful women I am so blessed to call my friends!




A new year brings a new conquest



Once again a clean slate.

Every year I, like many others I presume, set way too many resolutions. Miraculously, out of the 15 or so that I set, none seem to make it more than a month. So this year in the spirit of things I started to name the endless amount of things that I wish to better myself in and then stopped.

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

-Albert Einstein

So with this thought in mind, I decided to change my actions.

*Pick one goal, and follow through with said goal*

While it is great to want to change many different things at once, it simply isn’t possible. (I should say for the bulk of us out there.)

So what is that goal? This blog… a work in progress with two of my best friends. We each have different areas that interest us and that we are passionate about. We are all excited to put that knowledge to keyboard and share it with you! Hopefully some of it will pertain to you and quite possibly inspire you.

So who are we?

We are all chiropractic students striving to live our healthiest life through: food (self-proclaimed foodies), exercise, laughter, our best at toxin free, and all around balance.

[Bios coming soon!]

Our main goal: how to do it all on a college budget.

Stay tuned for there are going to be so many different experiments along the way!


zen self portrait-1994