Pollen Count.. Say What!?



I remember when I first moved down to Georgia, I was sitting in the hotel room with my mom and she started laughing while she was watching the news. She quickly called me over and pointed out that they were discussing the pollen count for the day. Being from Michigan I have never heard of such a thing. Sure we had pollen there, but obviously not enough for them to make a commotion over it on the news.


From there on out every morning we would flip on the news and low and behold there was the, now infamous, pollen count. It was so amusing to us that even when she went back home she would occasional send me what the pollen count was for the day just in case I didn’t see it for myself. 


Lucky enough for me I have not been affected by it. I wish I could say that for others, but when I looked around everyone was sneezing up the wahoo, their eyes itching and watering like crazy. 


I am not quite sure how I got so fortunate, but nonetheless there is a point to this story. 


Soon the pollen count will make its appearance on the news again and start to affect thousands of people. If you happen to be one of these people I offer a safe, natural, cheap alternative to try. 


Essential Oils:


Lavender. Lemon. Peppermint. 


To be more specific. 


Just put 5 drops of each in an empty vegetable capsule from the health food store and voila. You now have a packed little powerhouse of relief.  


Essential Oils work extremely efficiently since they are compatible with our body chemistry. (Mainly meaning they are not synthetic and our body can accept them without a fight.) For instance 1 drop of essential oil can reach EVERY blood cell in your body in just over 21 minutes. 




Synthetic drugs can take hours to days to fully reach your body and who wants to wait that long for relief? Plus there are no negative side effects to using essential oils. 


Just make sure they are GOOD and when I say good I mean top notch, nothing beats it essential oils. This is our health were talking about, right?


That is why I only use doTERRA Essential Oils. They are certified pure therapeutic grade… so pure you can ingest them. Many on the market say that you can not and that is because they have silent fillers in them that they are not disclosing. 


I will go more in depth on the quality of doTERRA’s Essential Oils in another post since this is getting a tad long for my liking. 


If you have questions about what else essential oils can help with just leave me a comment and if you want to check some out click HERE😀


Hope the pollen count doesn’t catch ya this spring!





P.S: You name it, theres an oil for it! 

Paleo cookies and truffles oh my!

Last week I was in quite the chocolate mood to say the least. I thought I would try and do my best to find a healthy version to make and stumbled across these gems at detoxinista! Both of these recipes were so incredibly easy and equally scrumptious. I made the cookies twice within a couple of days.. the first batch didn’t make it out of my apartment (oops!), but the second batch I made specifically for a friend when I went to visit them. 

When I bake I usually use very specific measurements, but since I have moved out on my own I do not have all the nifty little kitchen gadgets so I was left to eyeball it. Thankfully I have gotten pretty proficient at this over the years! 

The cookies were light and fluffy and full of flavor. The only change I made to the truffles was adding 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil to give it a little extra something. I used doTERRAs Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils because they are so pure that you can actually ingest them. (Most essential oils on the market say not to ingest and thats just because they have silent chemical fillers in them that they aren’t telling you!) To get some of doTERRA’s oils click here. If you have any questions about them feel free to message me. 

As for the lovely pictures here you go…



I would definitely make them again and recommend them to others. 

Lately I have been incorporating a lot of gymnastics strength training into my workouts and just playing around. This is what I grew up doing and get the most joy out of it. I am considering looking in to local gyms to see if they have open workout times for people to come in and use the equipment. It is honestly the best workout you can get and so much fun in the process. 

Hopefully you get a chance to practice some handstands or just work in your balance in a fun way!

On another note school is hectic in its last few weeks so I apologize in advance if posts are not on a consistent day.


 Were halfway to Friday I’d say that reason enough to smile if you didn’t have one before!



The Tuesday Tidbit

5:30am… The last thing I want right now is to be awake let alone go to a yoga class. 


But I know how thankful I am once I get there.


The drive is usually a blur, the first downward dog foreign to my body, but my breath is always recognizable. 


I begin to get lost in my breath as we approach our first of many chaturangas for the hour. “Goodnight moon, good morning core,” the teacher says with a smile in her voice. 


My core was definitely awake as we did several pushups… talk about a wakeup call!


Needless to say the combination of the teacher, time of day, and sharing it with a good friend makes it all the better. 


Lately between work and midterms it has been super overwhelming. I usually exercise, but even that doesn’t seem to cut it right now. I found this article and know I have been in need of doing this. 




And when I say declutter I don’t just mean cleaning out my closets and donating to good will. I mean intense borderline extreme declutter, but I need it. If you need some ideas of what you might want to cut back in your life try this blog where I got my inspiration. Hopefully it helps some of you!


What are some of the things you do to reduce stress in your life?


I also made this fantastic juice today! It was all citrus which I usually don’t do, but I had a mad craving for it.


It constituted of:


7-8 oranges

2 grapefruit

1/2 lemon

hunk of ginger


Run through your juicer and enjoy!


I used a recycled Kombucha bottle of mine to store the juice and it had this awesome quote on it…


What have you tried lately that you thought you couldn’t previously do?



Its a work in progress, getting better and better each day:]

Sweet dreams,





Monday night savasana to Tuesday morning flow

No body in their right mind likes Monday, which is probably why I do. It is a chance for me to take everything that I prepared over the weekend and hit the ground running once the alarm clock goes off. 

In a perfect world it would be without an alarm clock, but for now it will have to do. 

My favorite part of Monday… hot yoga with Loren. 

It feels amazing to open up your muscles, mind, and heart and surrender them to a very very hot room… 106 degrees to be precise. 

The first time I walked into a hot yoga class I wanted to run out gasping for cold air. I thought the idea of “breathing your way through it” sounded impossible. Now it is one of my favorite yoga classes! 

The other part I love is the ten minutes or so afterward that I get to catch up with Loren. Usually the weekend takes us apart between work and studies, so this is our time to recap. 

If one were to eavesdrop on our conversation they would probably think someone had just shown us the world for the first time. Our inner child releases and our dreams and aspirations come pouring out. The creativity in our minds is endless and it is magnificent. 

While many hate Monday this is why I love it. I get recharged and ready to go for the week and look forward to all the triumphs and victories it has to offer. 



Well why stop there when you can start your day off with yoga too, right? Well I look forward to 6am yoga now and the drinks to follow!


Fresh juice and black coffee with a little honey and cinnamon.


1/2 green apple

1 stalk celery

1 beet

2 large carrots

thumb of ginger

lemon without rhine 

(I think that was everything it was super early when I made it)


Have one awesome day,


Super Bowl Sunday & Week Recap

Super Bowl Sunday is a day to spend with friends watching the football game (or for me the commercials/half time) and eating/drinking unmentionable things.


That is precisely how I spent my sunday this year… not.

I spent it all alone and it was marvelous. It was quite an intense week, so it was awesome to get some time to myself to relax.

This past week I worked out 8 times and even had one full day to rest! I can not remember the last time I did that. I am sore in the best possible way. It shows me that my hard work did something. I will see results.. not today or necessarily tomorrow, but my efforts compounded over time will.

That is one of the most difficult things to wrap our heads around in todays world. We want everything instant and while many things are programmed that way today our bodies simply are not. 

I did a whole multitude of different things ranging from hot yoga to running to regular yoga to crossfit. Also a fun highlight was some interval training I did with my coworkers and a contestant from last years Biggest loser, Kim Nielson. Image

But back to Sunday..

Have any of you ever gotten a deep tissue massage? They are wonderful! Although they can be painful at times it is so worth the results in the end. 

After that the rest of the day was spent at the market (boy was I wrong for thinking it might be slow due to the game.. I have never seen it more busy!) and preparing meals for the week.

Here are some of the goodies I foundImageImageImageImageImageImage

While I was prepping everything for the week I got a huge urge for some cocktails. (non-alcoholic mind you since I haven’t been doing well with it lately) 

To the left is my take on a bloody mary:


3 tomatoes

2 stalks of celery

2 cucumbers 

1 lemon (rhine removed)

Handful of basil

Than stir in pepper and hot sauce to taste! 

I have never had a bloody mary but was really craving that taste so this is what came out of it.

To the right is a shot of strawberry


6-7 strawberries with leaves

These were absolutely delicious and just what my body was craving until later that night I needed just an extra something and whipped this up.


Slice an apple thinly and alternate layering almond butter, and chocolate pudding (I happened to make some of this while I was doing meal prep for the week), add a dash of cinnamon to the top and voilà! A tasty and nutritious treat in minutes:D 

Needless to say this week has been a bit of a hodgepodge of things very much like this post. 

I will say it kept things interesting and my attention engages which is all I can ever hope for in my quest to be a better, healthier me! 

Time for some hot yoga gotta run,