Paleo cookies and truffles oh my!

Last week I was in quite the chocolate mood to say the least. I thought I would try and do my best to find a healthy version to make and stumbled across these gems at detoxinista! Both of these recipes were so incredibly easy and equally scrumptious. I made the cookies twice within a couple of days.. the first batch didn’t make it out of my apartment (oops!), but the second batch I made specifically for a friend when I went to visit them. 

When I bake I usually use very specific measurements, but since I have moved out on my own I do not have all the nifty little kitchen gadgets so I was left to eyeball it. Thankfully I have gotten pretty proficient at this over the years! 

The cookies were light and fluffy and full of flavor. The only change I made to the truffles was adding 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil to give it a little extra something. I used doTERRAs Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils because they are so pure that you can actually ingest them. (Most essential oils on the market say not to ingest and thats just because they have silent chemical fillers in them that they aren’t telling you!) To get some of doTERRA’s oils click here. If you have any questions about them feel free to message me. 

As for the lovely pictures here you go…



I would definitely make them again and recommend them to others. 

Lately I have been incorporating a lot of gymnastics strength training into my workouts and just playing around. This is what I grew up doing and get the most joy out of it. I am considering looking in to local gyms to see if they have open workout times for people to come in and use the equipment. It is honestly the best workout you can get and so much fun in the process. 

Hopefully you get a chance to practice some handstands or just work in your balance in a fun way!

On another note school is hectic in its last few weeks so I apologize in advance if posts are not on a consistent day.


 Were halfway to Friday I’d say that reason enough to smile if you didn’t have one before!




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