Pollen Count.. Say What!?



I remember when I first moved down to Georgia, I was sitting in the hotel room with my mom and she started laughing while she was watching the news. She quickly called me over and pointed out that they were discussing the pollen count for the day. Being from Michigan I have never heard of such a thing. Sure we had pollen there, but obviously not enough for them to make a commotion over it on the news.


From there on out every morning we would flip on the news and low and behold there was the, now infamous, pollen count. It was so amusing to us that even when she went back home she would occasional send me what the pollen count was for the day just in case I didn’t see it for myself. 


Lucky enough for me I have not been affected by it. I wish I could say that for others, but when I looked around everyone was sneezing up the wahoo, their eyes itching and watering like crazy. 


I am not quite sure how I got so fortunate, but nonetheless there is a point to this story. 


Soon the pollen count will make its appearance on the news again and start to affect thousands of people. If you happen to be one of these people I offer a safe, natural, cheap alternative to try. 


Essential Oils:


Lavender. Lemon. Peppermint. 


To be more specific. 


Just put 5 drops of each in an empty vegetable capsule from the health food store and voila. You now have a packed little powerhouse of relief.  


Essential Oils work extremely efficiently since they are compatible with our body chemistry. (Mainly meaning they are not synthetic and our body can accept them without a fight.) For instance 1 drop of essential oil can reach EVERY blood cell in your body in just over 21 minutes. 




Synthetic drugs can take hours to days to fully reach your body and who wants to wait that long for relief? Plus there are no negative side effects to using essential oils. 


Just make sure they are GOOD and when I say good I mean top notch, nothing beats it essential oils. This is our health were talking about, right?


That is why I only use doTERRA Essential Oils. They are certified pure therapeutic grade… so pure you can ingest them. Many on the market say that you can not and that is because they have silent fillers in them that they are not disclosing. 


I will go more in depth on the quality of doTERRA’s Essential Oils in another post since this is getting a tad long for my liking. 


If you have questions about what else essential oils can help with just leave me a comment and if you want to check some out click HERE😀


Hope the pollen count doesn’t catch ya this spring!





P.S: You name it, theres an oil for it! 


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