Dekalb Farmer’s Market


Dekalb Farmer’s Market is one of my favorite places on earth. It is beyond massive and has almost anything you could think of from exotic fruits to a great fish and meat selection. They have a pastry bar and salad bar that they make fresh each day. It does not seem to matter the day of the week or time that you go, it is always packed! I guess that just adds to the experience though. (You get remarkably well at weaving your cart in and out of packed isles!)


I always come home with a fresh bounty of fruits and vegetables with the occasional choice of fish. It really is quite comical if you can witness me trying to take a weeks worth of groceries from my car inside in just one trip. Every single week though when I get home I am always inspired to make something tasty and nutritious from my new goodies.

This week I decided to make the salmon that I got and lay it over a bed of mixed greens. Image

I baked the salmon in parchment paper in the oven at 400 degrees for probably 15 minutes. I drizzled a very tiny amount of olive oil on it with salt and pepper. I layered it with thinly sliced lemons and a huge heap of fresh dill.

AWESOME combo if I do say so myself!

Once out of the oven I broke it up with a fork and placed it on top of the greens. To top it off a splash of balsamic vinegar was in order. For the salad you can put whatever you like in it. I added some tomato and cucumber as well.

I have had a craving for sweet potato chips too so I made these lovelies. Image

Thinly slice a sweet potato using a mandolin.

Drizzle with olive oil.

Add a dash of salt and pepper.

Coat them all well and then place on a baking sheet at 400 degrees for probably 45 min. Mine were thicker since I didn’t use my mandolin. If you do have very thin slices you might be able to go for less them. Just check on them throughout the process so you know!



[The top two pictures are thanks to google, but the bottom two are mine]


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