Intro to Essential Oils Kit


Sometimes when approaching essential oils, at least from my own experience, they can seem a little daunting. There were so many uses for them and I had to figure out when and how to apply them since it didn’t say like those handy little prescription bottles do. So when I got the Intro kit by doTERRA, I thought I was just getting my feet wet but little did I know just how many uses 3 little yet powerful bottles could possess! Here is a cool link to show 101 uses for the Intro to Essential Oils kit.

Another very helpful tool is the Modern Essentials book that breaks down every oil to show what it is helpful for and you can also look up any symptom you may be having and offer a solution. Find that nifty little tool here!


If you would like to get the Intro to Essential Oils kit or another oil please visit:


Happy oiling!



Melaleuca: The Miracle Ingredient

(Melaleuca Oil is pure Tea Tree Oil)

Melaleuca is something everyone should have in their home. Read on to discover eight incredible ways to use this miracle natural ingredient and click “Repost” to pass this valuable info on to your friends.

ACNE: Mix 40 drops of Melaleuca with 1 oz of coconut oil in a glass container with a tight fitting lid. Apply lightly to the acne twice a day after cleansing. (Keep well away from the eyes)

DANDRUFF: Using a 5% shampoo Melaleuca has been shown to reduce or eliminate mild to moderate dandruff with regular use. It’s easiest to purchase a shampoo already containing the oil but if you prefer to make your own, you can add 40 drops of Melaleuca for each ounce of shampoo base and shake well before each use.

ATHLETE’S FOOT: A foot bath containing one cup of epsom salt and 10 drops of Melaleuca will stop an early infection of athlete’s foot in its tracks, and repeating weekly will prevent it from coming back. For more established infections, blend 1 oz. of coconut oil with 1/4 oz of Melaleuca oil, and follow the foot bath by applying this twice a day for about 4 weeks.

TOENAIL FUNGUS: Using a clean cotton swab, apply a drop of pure Melaleuca to the infected toenail(s) twice daily.

COLD SORES: Mix 1 tablespoon of olive or coconut oil with 5 drops of Melaleuca , dip a clean cotton swab in the mixture, and apply directly to the cold sore. You can also add a drop of Purify to your mixture. Store the remaining mixture in a tightly sealed glass container, and reapply several times a day until the sore is gone. Beginning this treatment at the first tingling sensation that indicates a cold sore is starting will prevent it from even getting bad enough to hurt or scab over. (Do not use tea tree oil inside the e.)

CLEANING & DISINFECTING COUNTERS, TUBS & TILES: Mix 2 teaspoons of Melaleuca with a bit over 1 gallon of water. Mix well, and use to wipe down kitchen counters, tables, bathtubs, tile and floors. (Remix frequently, since the oil and water will separate pretty quickly.)
REMOVING MOLD & MILDEW: Add 2 teaspoons of Melaleuca to 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray on the moldy areas, then wipe away the mold. For heavier mold, or for mildew, you may need to use one of the sponges with the scrubber side to loosen it before wiping it away.

LAUNDRY: Add 2 teaspoons of Melaleuca to a regular load of laundry to freshen and disinfect. For bedbug or mite infestations, using very hot water with the oil to wash your bedding will kill the pests

I only use doTERRA pure essential oils because they show you the proof of their testing for purity.

To your good health,

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Well done Dove…

I have always heard, ” You are your own worst critic,” and boy was this proved here. I especially love this video that Dove did because it is just proof of how others see you is not the same as how you see yourself.

A lot of the time we (generally speaking) are living in our own minds trying to assume what everyone else is thinking.Through this we create these stories, that are typically so far away from what the other person is really thinking.

Do yourself a giant favor and relieve some of that pressure and just live in the moment. Especially easier said than done, but give it a real try. Love yourself, feed yourself positive thoughts, and most importantly stop trying to think about what everyone else is thinking and focus on you.

This is my goal for now and forever.


Oh Sweet Greens

I used to make a lot more green smoothies than I do in the present day, but I am trying to regain an amazing old habit. I love seeing @simplegreensmoothies posts on instagram and they have inspired me to get the green smoothies back on high drive. Today I was in a time crunch to get to school, so thankfully green smoothies are an amazing and quick way to pack in some nutrients!


1 Young Coconut and meat

2 Kiwis (peeled)

5-6 Strawberries 

2 handfuls Spinach

6 leaves of Kale taken off the stalk

Combine all the ingredients in a blender, I use a blendtec blender. It is spectacular and makes sure that my smoothie is nice and smooth the way it should be!

If need be add more water until the consistency you want is reached.


Enjoy the nutrients!


Citrus Me Sweet


Oh how I have been craving citrus lately!

I don’t know how you can’t though. It is sweet, refreshing, and filled with tons of nutrients it is a sure win across the board.

However it is very important to juice the oranges yourself to assure the highest quality and make it worth your while. Even juices in the store that claim to be “freshly squeezed” have a small shelf life which means they have been pasteurized. This is a heating process done to the juice to allow them to have a longer shelf life. During this process however, some key vital nutrients are lost. Some awesome benefits from fresh orange juice include:

1. Each glass of fresh orange juice provides you with your recommended daily dosage of Vitamin C.

2. There are enough flavonoids in fresh orange juice that can help to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels.

3. Along with being high in antioxidants fresh orange juice contains large amounts of dietary fibre, folates and thiamine.

4. Studies carried out have shown that it can protect you against cancer and heart disease and improve the way your immune system responds to attacks.

5. By drinking fresh orange juice you can reduce how much damage free radicals are doing to the cellular structure of your body.

6. The various phyto-nutrients and flavonoids to be found in freshly squeezed orange juice can help to protect you against various degenerative diseases.

(Thanks to for that info)

Also, by drinking the juice instead of the actual orange you are able to get a lot more oranges than you would probably get if you were to sit down and eat a bowl of oranges. In my juice that I make I use 8-10 oranges depending on the size and how much I want. I also like to add 1 lime for a mild twist. So many nutrients in one glass you can’t beat it!

Hope you like orange juice and all the added benefits you can get from it!