Into the Dark


I am currently enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (as well as Life University) to become a health coach. I have now been on my IIN journey for a little over 3 months, boy how time flies! So far in this short time I have learned more than I could have possibly imagined when I set foot on this path. My favorite thing so far? Experiment. Though it is just a word and not technically knowledge gained, it opened up my mind more than anything else could. It is this word that continually teaches me something new on nearly an everyday basis. It invites you to take a step into the unknown and try something new. It could be a baby step or something more drastic, but regardless its still something. That is precisely why this is my favorite concept that I have “learned” so far.

One of my experiments was along the lines of playing with the energetics of food. Today’s world is hands down crazy. Let me just put that out there for starters. The things we are expected to get done in the time frame we are given is next to impossible. Though we manage to get everything done (at least the important things) certain things typically fall to the wayside in order to make it happen. The most typical ones are missing workouts and fast food options that are quick on the go. That could include literal fast food, pre-made meals at the grocery store, or just completely rushing to prepare a meal. Needless to say nutrition ultimately suffers.

Have you ever made dinner so consumed in thoughts of what still had to get done? Or the stress from the day that it is a blessing you somehow got dinner done without burning down the house? Trust me I have been there far more times than I would like to admit.

Well unfortunately and fortunately for us the mood in which we prepare our food really effects the way in which it reacts with our bodies.

So how did I test this out exactly?

I turned off all the lights in my apartment, lit a bunch of candles in the kitchen only and turned on my favorite type of music. Wow, did this make me slow down or what! I was not able to run around the kitchen grabbing things blindly in an effort to create something. I had to be very present and mindful in everything that I did due to the lack of light. Chopping became almost meditative, as I couldn’t chop ferociously taking out the stress of the day on my poor veggies. (I am sure some of you know what I am talking about!) It reminded me of why I love to cook so much. It’s not necessarily so much for the end product, but mostly the process of getting there.

Yes, it took longer no doubt. However, I didn’t even notice I was having so much fun. My  senses became more heightened during the process like smell for instance. As I ripped apart the basil it had such a vibrant scent, as well as the veggies roasting in the oven. Then the true test came when I tasted it and thankfully I didn’t grab any of the wrong spices! I sat there and chewed every bite how they say you should and set my fork down in between each bite. I didn’t sit in front of the T.V either. It was just me, classical music, and a delicious plate of whole foods. I have never felt so nourished or complete after a meal before. I have such a hard time describing this experience in words, which is why I feel it is so important to try it out for yourself.

**Just be careful of fire hazards and chopping in minimal light!**


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