It’s 2014… lets take the leap already!

Every year we say we are going to do this and going to do that and the majority of the time we don’t. I invite you to take the leap (figuratively speaking) and leave your fears behind you in the plane. Image

Now if your not the type of person that wants to jump out of a plane like myself, believe me I know most people would not jump out a perfectly good plane, but do something that scares you and gives you that wonderful butterfly feeling in your gut. This could include asking for that promotion at work, taking a spontaneous vacation, singing loudly somewhere other than your shower. Whatever it is for you, I encourage you to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Your life is here to live for you and you only. Too much of the time, myself included, we let others opinions on what is the “right” thing to do get in the way of what is truly right for us. The best thing I Imageknow to do in these situations is to get another perspective. Do your best to remove yourself from the situation and get a birds eye view of everything that is going on. That is such a beautiful way to see the whole picture and get clarity on what your next best move is for YOU.

Take a look at what has possibly held you back in the past and ask yourself if it is still holding you back today. If it still presents itself, is this something that you can change or let go of? When we let go of fear, doubt, or whatever it is holding you back and we just act first, well this is where we can truly surprise ourselves of what magnificent things we are capable of.

Last but not least I would like to leave you with this to think on.ImageFollow your arrow and you will never be steered wrong.


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