Just breathe, Let it all in

That’s right. Let it all in, fresh air that is (I am primarily talking to you ladies). Our skin is the largest organ that we have and we often disregard that when we layer it with chemicals day in and day out. Each day we run into toxins and different chemicals in the environment, but we also (amazing job if I am not speaking to you in this article!) tend to layer it with chemical filled body washes, shampoos, lotions, perfumes, and MAKE UP.

I want to start off and tell you, YOU are beyond beautiful! And even more so when we can actually see your face hidden behind all the makeup. Now I am not telling you never wear make up again, but for just ONE day a week leave it in the drawer. Allow your skin to breathe, to feel the sunlight on it without anything in the way.

I took two pictures (yes, I took a selfie) to see how I looked different with and without makeup. I don’t wear a whole lot of makeup, but you can definitely tell that the one side looks more defined and a little less tired under the eyes. However, it made me feel more comfortable about going a day without makeup.



Sometimes we tell ourselves these stories for such a long time, that before we know it they seem like the truth. Well my story was thatwithout makeup I didn’t have a chance at looking beautiful. Self-talk can either be your biggest enemy or your best friend. I choose the latter.


You, you, you, you, you, you, you, AND you are B.E.A.UTIFUL!

If you are not comfortable leaving the house yet, stay home and have a you day. Listen to some music, watch a movie, write, craft, whatever makes your heart sing, because well it is a YOU day.

Some tips for beautiful skin:

*Drink a large glass (16+oz) of H2O first thing in the morning with 2 drops of lemon essential oil. This will rehydrate your body and the lemon helps to alkalize your body to help reduce any inflammation.

*GREEN SMOOTHIES! One of my favorite things in the morning, but the fruits and veggies you can get it first thing will help your skin absolutely glow! Here is mine from this morning:

1 C coconut water

1 C filtered water (this prevents your smoothie from being too thick)

1 ½ C spinachImage

1 C cucumber

¼ avocado

1 apple core removed

¼ in ginger

½ C  fresh pineapple

-Blend the water, coconut water, spinach, and pineapple until smooth. Add the rest of the ingredients blend and enjoy! I recommend pouring it into a wine glass or your favorite glass/mug for an added bonus:]

-The spinach is loaded with tons of vitamins and minerals, namely vitamin A,C,E and vitamin K that help the skin tremendously. Its’ high levels of vitamin K and folate help to clear complexion by removing dark circles, bruises, and acne. Spinach is also chock full of antioxidants that fight free radicals, those nasty things that make us age!

-The coconut water is full of electrolytes to help with hydration and is also very good for aiding in good digestion. (Good digestion= good skin)

-Last but not least, the ginger is fabulous for helping reduce inflammation, aiding in digestion, and helping detoxify your liver.

Give it a blend and let me know what you think. I would also love to hear any spins you put on it! Tag @sschmuck12 with your remakes:D

*Sweat once a day! Your pores and muscles will thank you. Exercise has a vast array of health benefits that we can go fully into another time, but it helps boot the toxins out of your body, reduce stress and anxiety, increases restful sleep, increases energy levels, and improve self-confidence!

You are without changing a thing about you already amazing.


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