Well hello there!

My name is Samantha or “S” as I am commonly referred to here. I am twenty-one years young and have experienced quite a bit in my share of me!time. I have gone to school in three different states ranging in subjects from photography, biology, pre-chiropractic, and finally ending with a bachelors in health coaching. I will hold my bachelors from Life University in just a few short months, and following that I will have also acquired a certificate in health coaching, from the world’s largest nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). A degree and a certificate in health coaching you ask? Well I am a knowledge adventurer and absolutely love learning. (If I could afford to be a life long student, I probably would!) I did this though because they both offer such a distinct perspective on health. While at Life, I learned the body up and down and have a sound basis in the principles of exercise science and behavior modification. Through IIN, I received a much more holistic look at health and studied over 100 different dietary theories, because well we’re all different!

I believe that when dreams and reality collide, beautiful things happen. My goal is to help you do this with your health and wellness goals, but also life goals in general.

Rewind to 7 years ago, in retrospect what would be my last year as a competitive gymnast. I was training 20 hours a week, started my first year of middle school, and began to feel joint discomfort. What I thought was just normal wear and tear from the sport began to spread systemically throughout all my major joints. (Just sing the song head, shoulders, knees & toes and you’ll begin to know what I mean!) I wanted to finish out the season though, so I pushed through the pain to keep training. I went to countless doctor’s appointments to find an answer and would always leave with nothing. I received two cortisone shots (again to keep training despite the pain), and the first one lasted about two weeks while the second one gave no relief. There were steroids (for the inflammation), supplements, lots of tests, and much more in hopes for a diagnosis.

I became an expert at concealing my emotions at practice, but would come home and sob in my mother’s arms. Soon before I knew it I was able to turn off my emotions at the drop of a hat. If the pain (physically or emotionally) was too much for me to endure in any moment, I had learned how to make it go away. Though an unhealthy behavior, it served me tremendously at the time. It carried on for many years post-gymnastics in my personal life. This only led to bottling emotions and storing more pain in my body rather than releasing it. Today, I am an avid supporter in releasing one’s emotions, not only for the emotional discharge, but for the body as well!

The place that I have reached today was not overnight. After exploring all the options the medical route had to offer, I began to search out other modalities the world had to share with me. Chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, reiki, herbs, essential oils, nutrition, etc. My journey has taught me valuable lessens, that while I wish those years upon no one, I would also not trade them for anything else. My life took a dramatic twist 7 years ago, leading me here, leading me to you.

Now I not only have the knowledge behind me, but personal know how of what pain and perseverance on the worst of days feels like. I can relate to where you currently are, but most importantly I see where you can go even if you may have currently lost sight of it, like I had for myself several years ago.

We’re in this together.

I hope you enjoy all the health tidbits you’ll find here!


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