Chai tea lattes, homemade creamer & a bonus!

The Super Bowl is infamous for the commercials, their halftime show, and obviously the football. On the contrary its known for probably anything but health conscious snacks. These types of snacks typically leave you feeling tired, bloated, and craving more salty and sweet foods.

Instead of reaching for processed foods that will only leave you craving more of them try one of these!Image

Chai Tea Lattes

1 Chai tea bag

4 oz hot water

4 oz homemade coffee creamer (recipe below)

Take and boil 4 oz of water, and place in a mug. Take the tea bag and steep in the water according to the instructions on your box. (Roughly 4-5 minutes) While the tea steeps gently warm up the creamer on low heat on the stove. Then press the water out of the tea bag (use spoons it will be hot!) so that you get the remaining goodness out of there.  Pour the coffee creamer into the mug and enjoy!

ImageHomemade Coffee Creamer

10 oz coconut or almond milk

3 pitted medjool dates

1 tsp vanilla

1 tbs pure maple syrup

dash of cinnamon to desired taste

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until the dates have been broken up completely. Pour the creamer over a strainer to get our any “pulp” so that you get a super smooth consistency. Place in an airtight container in the fridge and enjoy for the next 3 days!

And for a bonus…

Coconut Cacao Balls

These could easily be had for dessert or enjoy them whenever you want throughout the day especially if you need a little kick of energy (thank you cacao!).

1 Cup dates

1 Cup desiccated coconutImage

¼ C cacao powder

1 tsp maca powder

½ tbs water


1 tsp vanilla

1 tbs pure maple syrup

Optional toppings: Goji berries, chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut

In a saucepan lightly toast the coconut until it becomes aromatic. Put all ingredients in a blender or food processor until well combined. Grab a tablespoon of the mixture and roll into balls. Top with preferred toppings and place in an airtight container in the fridge!


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My Inspiration

I absolutely love that more and more women nowadays are starting to adopt a different mentality around body image and being beautiful. Growing up I always saw in magazines, it was the women with thigh gaps, a concave stomach, large breasts, and prominent hip bones that were deemed “beautiful”. Now I would just like to add that if this is your body naturally, you are beautiful. However, it is the lengths that girls/women go to, to achieve this look that I do not view as beautiful.

On the other side of things, I can look on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, anywhere really and see posts of strong, healthy women who are embracing that fitness and health win out over being emaciated. I absolutely think this is amazing since I find our idea of what beautiful is has become so skewed over the years.

Beauty lies in the uniqueness of each individual both inside and out.

So with that in mind, I propose to you my idea of beautiful and a goal for myself.


This is Vanessa Redgrave at 74. My goal is to be as independent and active for long as I possibly can, while reaching for optimal health.

“Movement is lotion for the joints.” -The words of my lovely Bikram teacher the other morning.



Oh Sweet Greens

I used to make a lot more green smoothies than I do in the present day, but I am trying to regain an amazing old habit. I love seeing @simplegreensmoothies posts on instagram and they have inspired me to get the green smoothies back on high drive. Today I was in a time crunch to get to school, so thankfully green smoothies are an amazing and quick way to pack in some nutrients!


1 Young Coconut and meat

2 Kiwis (peeled)

5-6 Strawberries 

2 handfuls Spinach

6 leaves of Kale taken off the stalk

Combine all the ingredients in a blender, I use a blendtec blender. It is spectacular and makes sure that my smoothie is nice and smooth the way it should be!

If need be add more water until the consistency you want is reached.


Enjoy the nutrients!


Citrus Me Sweet


Oh how I have been craving citrus lately!

I don’t know how you can’t though. It is sweet, refreshing, and filled with tons of nutrients it is a sure win across the board.

However it is very important to juice the oranges yourself to assure the highest quality and make it worth your while. Even juices in the store that claim to be “freshly squeezed” have a small shelf life which means they have been pasteurized. This is a heating process done to the juice to allow them to have a longer shelf life. During this process however, some key vital nutrients are lost. Some awesome benefits from fresh orange juice include:

1. Each glass of fresh orange juice provides you with your recommended daily dosage of Vitamin C.

2. There are enough flavonoids in fresh orange juice that can help to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels.

3. Along with being high in antioxidants fresh orange juice contains large amounts of dietary fibre, folates and thiamine.

4. Studies carried out have shown that it can protect you against cancer and heart disease and improve the way your immune system responds to attacks.

5. By drinking fresh orange juice you can reduce how much damage free radicals are doing to the cellular structure of your body.

6. The various phyto-nutrients and flavonoids to be found in freshly squeezed orange juice can help to protect you against various degenerative diseases.

(Thanks to for that info)

Also, by drinking the juice instead of the actual orange you are able to get a lot more oranges than you would probably get if you were to sit down and eat a bowl of oranges. In my juice that I make I use 8-10 oranges depending on the size and how much I want. I also like to add 1 lime for a mild twist. So many nutrients in one glass you can’t beat it!

Hope you like orange juice and all the added benefits you can get from it!




Run, Yoga, Sun

ImageWinter quarter.

11 weeks. 22 credits. (1) 5 week accelerated class. A part time job. 4.0 GPA.

Like every quarter it starts off slow and easy. It begins to build speed around week 6 and before you know it there are too many things to count. 

Oh I forgot to add moving in week 10 to the mix, while trying to prepare everything to leave for vacation.

At times it was overwhelming, but I wouldn’t trade it for a second. I was able to learn a lot about myself this quarter. 

I learned:

*to let go of the things I can’t control

*I really like to be spontaneous as much as I like to plan things

*I love making vegan, paleo cookies

*Communication really is key

*Having a few good friends are essential

*Whatever you can dream you can make happen

**Oh and I am remarkably good at procrastinating on writing papers

Those are just a few of the things that this quarter taught me. It is weird to think that in a couple of years I will no longer be living my life 11 weeks at a time. However, for now I like it that way. It can be stressful at times, but it can be extremely exhilarating as well.

Now it is time for some run, yoga, sun.Image

There is always the light at the end of the tunnel when the quarter starts and that is break at the end! I decided it was time to get away and catch up with my sister for the week. Just because it is vacation doesn’t mean its time to give workouts a break too. I think it is actually the perfect time to get back into it. Towards the end of the quarter I can let workouts slip with the amount of stuff that needs to get done.

Thankfully I have a great friend that is willing to run with me late at night when I find time to finally fit it in for the day!  

Today I found a great fresh produce place where I picked up some oranges, apples, grapes, cantaloupe, and some greens for good measure. 


To add to the deliciously sweet fruit, there is a yoga place right across the street that I will take advantage of this week along with some great running trails. 

Break is a time for rest and rejuvenation so you can hit the ground running once week 1 rolls around once again. 

I look forward to using this week to my advantage and really taking everything it has to offer.


Especially that sweet sweet sun!


Dekalb Farmer’s Market


Dekalb Farmer’s Market is one of my favorite places on earth. It is beyond massive and has almost anything you could think of from exotic fruits to a great fish and meat selection. They have a pastry bar and salad bar that they make fresh each day. It does not seem to matter the day of the week or time that you go, it is always packed! I guess that just adds to the experience though. (You get remarkably well at weaving your cart in and out of packed isles!)


I always come home with a fresh bounty of fruits and vegetables with the occasional choice of fish. It really is quite comical if you can witness me trying to take a weeks worth of groceries from my car inside in just one trip. Every single week though when I get home I am always inspired to make something tasty and nutritious from my new goodies.

This week I decided to make the salmon that I got and lay it over a bed of mixed greens. Image

I baked the salmon in parchment paper in the oven at 400 degrees for probably 15 minutes. I drizzled a very tiny amount of olive oil on it with salt and pepper. I layered it with thinly sliced lemons and a huge heap of fresh dill.

AWESOME combo if I do say so myself!

Once out of the oven I broke it up with a fork and placed it on top of the greens. To top it off a splash of balsamic vinegar was in order. For the salad you can put whatever you like in it. I added some tomato and cucumber as well.

I have had a craving for sweet potato chips too so I made these lovelies. Image

Thinly slice a sweet potato using a mandolin.

Drizzle with olive oil.

Add a dash of salt and pepper.

Coat them all well and then place on a baking sheet at 400 degrees for probably 45 min. Mine were thicker since I didn’t use my mandolin. If you do have very thin slices you might be able to go for less them. Just check on them throughout the process so you know!



[The top two pictures are thanks to google, but the bottom two are mine]

Paleo cookies and truffles oh my!

Last week I was in quite the chocolate mood to say the least. I thought I would try and do my best to find a healthy version to make and stumbled across these gems at detoxinista! Both of these recipes were so incredibly easy and equally scrumptious. I made the cookies twice within a couple of days.. the first batch didn’t make it out of my apartment (oops!), but the second batch I made specifically for a friend when I went to visit them. 

When I bake I usually use very specific measurements, but since I have moved out on my own I do not have all the nifty little kitchen gadgets so I was left to eyeball it. Thankfully I have gotten pretty proficient at this over the years! 

The cookies were light and fluffy and full of flavor. The only change I made to the truffles was adding 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil to give it a little extra something. I used doTERRAs Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils because they are so pure that you can actually ingest them. (Most essential oils on the market say not to ingest and thats just because they have silent chemical fillers in them that they aren’t telling you!) To get some of doTERRA’s oils click here. If you have any questions about them feel free to message me. 

As for the lovely pictures here you go…



I would definitely make them again and recommend them to others. 

Lately I have been incorporating a lot of gymnastics strength training into my workouts and just playing around. This is what I grew up doing and get the most joy out of it. I am considering looking in to local gyms to see if they have open workout times for people to come in and use the equipment. It is honestly the best workout you can get and so much fun in the process. 

Hopefully you get a chance to practice some handstands or just work in your balance in a fun way!

On another note school is hectic in its last few weeks so I apologize in advance if posts are not on a consistent day.


 Were halfway to Friday I’d say that reason enough to smile if you didn’t have one before!



Super Bowl Sunday & Week Recap

Super Bowl Sunday is a day to spend with friends watching the football game (or for me the commercials/half time) and eating/drinking unmentionable things.


That is precisely how I spent my sunday this year… not.

I spent it all alone and it was marvelous. It was quite an intense week, so it was awesome to get some time to myself to relax.

This past week I worked out 8 times and even had one full day to rest! I can not remember the last time I did that. I am sore in the best possible way. It shows me that my hard work did something. I will see results.. not today or necessarily tomorrow, but my efforts compounded over time will.

That is one of the most difficult things to wrap our heads around in todays world. We want everything instant and while many things are programmed that way today our bodies simply are not. 

I did a whole multitude of different things ranging from hot yoga to running to regular yoga to crossfit. Also a fun highlight was some interval training I did with my coworkers and a contestant from last years Biggest loser, Kim Nielson. Image

But back to Sunday..

Have any of you ever gotten a deep tissue massage? They are wonderful! Although they can be painful at times it is so worth the results in the end. 

After that the rest of the day was spent at the market (boy was I wrong for thinking it might be slow due to the game.. I have never seen it more busy!) and preparing meals for the week.

Here are some of the goodies I foundImageImageImageImageImageImage

While I was prepping everything for the week I got a huge urge for some cocktails. (non-alcoholic mind you since I haven’t been doing well with it lately) 

To the left is my take on a bloody mary:


3 tomatoes

2 stalks of celery

2 cucumbers 

1 lemon (rhine removed)

Handful of basil

Than stir in pepper and hot sauce to taste! 

I have never had a bloody mary but was really craving that taste so this is what came out of it.

To the right is a shot of strawberry


6-7 strawberries with leaves

These were absolutely delicious and just what my body was craving until later that night I needed just an extra something and whipped this up.


Slice an apple thinly and alternate layering almond butter, and chocolate pudding (I happened to make some of this while I was doing meal prep for the week), add a dash of cinnamon to the top and voilà! A tasty and nutritious treat in minutes:D 

Needless to say this week has been a bit of a hodgepodge of things very much like this post. 

I will say it kept things interesting and my attention engages which is all I can ever hope for in my quest to be a better, healthier me! 

Time for some hot yoga gotta run,