Is Bigger Really Better?

For years we have seen produce magically getting larger and larger every year. It not only will have more volume to feed your family, but looks as if it was just hand painted for you, it’s that perfect in its’ complexion. This would seem like a miraculous accomplishment of mankind, right? Now just because the fruit or vegetables may look appealing to you, do you know exactly what was done to them to make them that way?

Now I am not trying to slander Monsanto here (though in my opinion they do deserve it), there are many more people on the web that Imagecan do that for me. My mission in this post is to merely shed some light on some of the ludicrous practices that Monsanto uses in order to “save” the world by being able to feed it. [A quick side bar on that. How can Monsanto feed the world and save it if 26 countries have banned their products? Then that poses the question, Why hasn’t the US? Or, why is it so difficult to just get them labeled for consumers to be aware of?]

In my attempt not to be too lengthy here (because this article could really go on for days), I will say a few quick points and then have links to other articles more in depth on the matter if you wish to read. One of the points of GMs (genetically modified) is so that fewer pesticides can be used. However, at what cost does this come about? This new one really just makes your head turn when you think about it. Injecting scorpion venom into the cells of cabbage. Makes a whole lot of sense and of course it can’t be harmful to us. Well if I were them I wouldn’t want that being put on a label either! Now if your head isn’t spinning enough yet, this one may just do it. It shows a lovely connection between officials working for the FDA and “former” (I really felt air quotes were needed on that one) Monsanto employees.

Here is another article showing the growing support for anti-gmos.


Next time you are at the grocery store here is a quick tip to help you determine which kind of produce you are buying. Do you know those little stickers that you find on apples, bananas and well all produce for that matter? They are PLU (price look-up) codes and contain 4 numbers typically. Now there are 3 numbers to remember here: 4,9, and 8. A 4 stands for conventionally produced. For example, a conventionally produced yellow banana will have the PLU code 4011. A 9 signifies that a product is organic. So for that yellow banana you would now see 94011 as its code. Last but not least, if you see an 8 in front of the PLU number it shows that an item was genetically modified in some way.

Image How can you help the fight against GMOs? Simply avoid buying them. When more and more people start avoiding them and decreasing the demand for their product (hopefully!) they will stop showing up on our shelves. Your local farmers need and want your love! So if you know any in your area or a local farmers market, try talking to them and making friends. While it’s great to know the person whose growing your food, you might also get some awesome deals along the way too! However, if you’re into protests, rallies and that type of thing go for it! I am sure it won’t be too difficult to find something in your area.

Just a little food for thought for you all!


What’s causing the rise in ADHD?

What’s causing the rise in ADHD?

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I love this article Dr. Mercola did on ADHD. He addresses many different factors that may play into this diagnosis that so many people are facing today. I thought this excerpt was really interesting, “According to some, the disorder may not even be a “real” disorder at all. Psychiatrist Leon Eisenberg, hailed as the “scientific father of ADHD,” actually went on record saying that ADHD is “a prime example of a fictitious disease.” He made this stunning confession in a 2012 interview with the German paper Der Spiegel, just seven months prior to his death6 at the age of 87.”

Mercola discusses some dietary factors to also address if you or someone you know is diagnosed with ADHD.

It is worth the read and let me know what you think!