Wow… I can’t beleive I just did that!

 I was walking back to my seat hands shaking, legs heavy as concrete, heart racing. It reminded me of exactly how I felt just moments before jumping out of a plane two years ago. I just gave a speech to 15 of my classmates sharing extremely intimate details of my life. I had six minutes to convey my story to them and that is exactly what I did. If there is something I am good at, it is using vividly descriptive words to paint an elaborate scene to make the person listening believe they were there too.

 “Alright so we are all dealt our own hand of shit that we have to deal with in life. “ It was the perfect way to start it off. I had broken the Imageice and gotten them to laugh. “You have had yours and I have had mine. While what you have gone through, might be different from mine, whatever it is has held you back from having exactly what you want in life. I share this with you today so that you can see that whatever it is that you think has such a hold on you doesn’t have to. You can have exactly what you want in life.”

As I spoke I made eye contact around the room. There was not a sound from anyone as their eyes were fixated on me and slightly leaning forward in their seats hanging on for each detail I would soon reveal. It was beyond empowering as my voice brought the words on paper to life. The six minutes came to an end as I left my past on the stage. I had just shared with them the first time I had a panic attack. For a very long time I struggled with depression. I thought it had this consuming hold on me that I would never be able to break free from. I thought I would have to live life by its’ terms just waiting for when it would strike next. I always saw happiness as a temporary thing too afraid to fully enjoy it because I was so scared of losing it again. I was living out of fear. No more though. Through my studies on behavior modification I have learned that we do certain behaviors because they serve us in someway. I never saw it like that before. I had always put myself in the victim position, not willing to look at the role I played in it. So yes, while it may have served me in the past it no longer serves me today. While we all have our ups and downs naturally, I choose to no longer fall into those patterns of the past.

As I walked back to my seat, I felt revived. Before my speech I walked up there scared. I was second-guessing if I should really say what I came to say. Should I take the leap and just see what happens?

Well I jumped after all and it was spectacular.

Whatever is holding you back, whether it is something from the past or the present, I invite you to let it go. Write it down and burn it. Share it with a group of close friends or in my case a group of complete strangers. Notice the sensations that arise in your body: fast heart beat, shallow breathing, sweating, etc. Stay with the physical sensations and before you know it they will start to lesson. If you stay in the presence of your body, it takes away the power of your thoughts. Our mind is a very powerful thing and can make any experience seem much worse than it actually is.

So let it go. Yes, just like that.

If you are ready to let it go you will. If you are not yet ready to, ask yourself, “How are these negative thoughts serving me in this moment?”

Each and everyone of you inspire me everyday to fully embrace my beautiful imperfections. My hope is that little by little you are able to see the beauty in yours as well.

Peace + love,



That’s it. I’m Calling Bull Shit.

To whoever said, “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it.” I have dreamt a lot of things that have never and most likely will never come true. On the flip side though, I believe half that statement is true. Yes, we all have dreams and aspirations, but 99.9% of the time we are not willing to put the work into make those dreams happen. Therefore merely dreaming it, as we are all more then capable of, just won’t cut it. I think the statement should be revised to look more like, “If you can dream it, are willing to put the work into it even when you are tired, are willing to put your fears and doubts of failure to the side day in and day out, are willing to make some sacrifices, and will continually take a small step toward your goal everyday even if it seems like you are making no progress, then your chances to achieve it are exponentially higher than when you dreamed it.” I see why they shortened it.

I believe that no one ever gets to where they want solely on their own. Take the president for example. Look at ALL the people that surround him daily or when he is running for office. Or look at an actor, pro athlete, successful entrepreneur, what have you. They may have all had the dream for themselves, but they also had a team (or that one person) that believed in them to the core to fulfill it. That person that was there on the dark days and reminded them of that dream so they could keep pushing towards it. That team is there for ongoing support and encouragement, trouble shooting ideas with, accountability, and doing the small things so you can focus on your big dream, etc. My point being, it may be your dream, but you are not alone in completing it.

Who is your support?
How do they support you in reaching your dreams?
In what way, if any, could they support you differently that would benefit you better?

Now that you have recognized your support system, GO AND THANK THEM! Be sure to let them know either with kind words, or a thoughtful gift just how much you appreciate them being there for you. Thank them for believing in your talents and thank them for being authentically themselves, so that you can be your authentic self. *Feel free to add any other mushy thank you notes that your heart desires!

I love this following clip. It is short, simple, and to the point. This is Ric Elias on the 3 things he learned while his plane crashed.

Watch it here!

So here is to enjoying the cheap wine in life. To letting go of negative energy, the fears that hold us back, and more so embracing our dreams and the people that encourage us get along the journey.


We’re all guilty of it

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.’ We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” -Marianne Williamson

I absolutely adore this quote because lets face it, it is so true!

We were all created with different skills and little quirks to make us unique individuals.

What talents do you have that few, if any see?

I’d like to challenge you to start implementing your talents everyday in some form or fashion. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, but something small everyday. If you keep taking a small step everyday before you know it you will have made huge progress!


This is me taking one step at a time. I am not where I want to be yet, but I can not let that stop me from moving forward so that I can one day (soon:]) be there.

Find those people out there (if you don’t already have them) that will hold you accountable to your goals. It is up to you to decide each day if you want to move forward or backwards, but it sure is nice having those people there to cheer you on along the way!

[There is so much green in that picture!]

Midterm Frenzy

While it seems like just yesterday that it was midterms (probably because it basically was) that time has come again. I only have 3 midterms this week, while this may be the most I have had in one week as an undergraduate student it will certainly be nothing compared to when I am in graduate school. I can look forward to having approximately 8 exams at any given time in the coming months. 


Well at least for now I can take advantage of this time to breath a little!

Little trick for anyone in need of some focus—>Image

Try it you will absolutely fall in love as I have!

However, due to a slight change in schedule for the week I have not been able to make my weekly grocery trip so I have been scavenging the cupboards.

Some of my favorites include chia pudding for breakfast and also protein pancakes.


For the chia pudding:

1 cup almond milk

3 Tbs. Chia seeds

2 dates (pitted)

Cinnamon to taste

**Blend til you reach a nice consistency and chill in refrigerator over night. Top with favorite fruit in my case I did black cherries and kiwi and it was heavenly!

Protein pancakes were inspired by

I used their recipe and tweaked it slightly.

3 egg whites

dash of cinnamon

scoop of favorite protein powder (I used doTERRA’s Vanilla Trim Shake)

1 Tbs. almond milk

1/4 cup of oats

1 banana mashed

Mash the banana and add the remaining ingredients. Spray a pan with nonstick spray and put on medium heat. Pour some of the batter on and wait for the bubbles to form before flipping.


I made a filling to add between the layers

4-5 strawberries

2 dates (pitted)

1 Tbs. natural peanut butter

dash of almond milk to help blend

Add all ingredients to a jar and mash with fork or blend if you wish.

Spread between pancakes and enjoy!!


Hope you like these recipes!

Like and comment away with your thoughts:]

Happy midterms,




Well done Dove…

I have always heard, ” You are your own worst critic,” and boy was this proved here. I especially love this video that Dove did because it is just proof of how others see you is not the same as how you see yourself.

A lot of the time we (generally speaking) are living in our own minds trying to assume what everyone else is thinking.Through this we create these stories, that are typically so far away from what the other person is really thinking.

Do yourself a giant favor and relieve some of that pressure and just live in the moment. Especially easier said than done, but give it a real try. Love yourself, feed yourself positive thoughts, and most importantly stop trying to think about what everyone else is thinking and focus on you.

This is my goal for now and forever.


The Tuesday Tidbit

5:30am… The last thing I want right now is to be awake let alone go to a yoga class. 


But I know how thankful I am once I get there.


The drive is usually a blur, the first downward dog foreign to my body, but my breath is always recognizable. 


I begin to get lost in my breath as we approach our first of many chaturangas for the hour. “Goodnight moon, good morning core,” the teacher says with a smile in her voice. 


My core was definitely awake as we did several pushups… talk about a wakeup call!


Needless to say the combination of the teacher, time of day, and sharing it with a good friend makes it all the better. 


Lately between work and midterms it has been super overwhelming. I usually exercise, but even that doesn’t seem to cut it right now. I found this article and know I have been in need of doing this. 




And when I say declutter I don’t just mean cleaning out my closets and donating to good will. I mean intense borderline extreme declutter, but I need it. If you need some ideas of what you might want to cut back in your life try this blog where I got my inspiration. Hopefully it helps some of you!


What are some of the things you do to reduce stress in your life?


I also made this fantastic juice today! It was all citrus which I usually don’t do, but I had a mad craving for it.


It constituted of:


7-8 oranges

2 grapefruit

1/2 lemon

hunk of ginger


Run through your juicer and enjoy!


I used a recycled Kombucha bottle of mine to store the juice and it had this awesome quote on it…


What have you tried lately that you thought you couldn’t previously do?



Its a work in progress, getting better and better each day:]

Sweet dreams,





Monday night savasana to Tuesday morning flow

No body in their right mind likes Monday, which is probably why I do. It is a chance for me to take everything that I prepared over the weekend and hit the ground running once the alarm clock goes off. 

In a perfect world it would be without an alarm clock, but for now it will have to do. 

My favorite part of Monday… hot yoga with Loren. 

It feels amazing to open up your muscles, mind, and heart and surrender them to a very very hot room… 106 degrees to be precise. 

The first time I walked into a hot yoga class I wanted to run out gasping for cold air. I thought the idea of “breathing your way through it” sounded impossible. Now it is one of my favorite yoga classes! 

The other part I love is the ten minutes or so afterward that I get to catch up with Loren. Usually the weekend takes us apart between work and studies, so this is our time to recap. 

If one were to eavesdrop on our conversation they would probably think someone had just shown us the world for the first time. Our inner child releases and our dreams and aspirations come pouring out. The creativity in our minds is endless and it is magnificent. 

While many hate Monday this is why I love it. I get recharged and ready to go for the week and look forward to all the triumphs and victories it has to offer. 



Well why stop there when you can start your day off with yoga too, right? Well I look forward to 6am yoga now and the drinks to follow!


Fresh juice and black coffee with a little honey and cinnamon.


1/2 green apple

1 stalk celery

1 beet

2 large carrots

thumb of ginger

lemon without rhine 

(I think that was everything it was super early when I made it)


Have one awesome day,