That’s it. I’m Calling Bull Shit.

To whoever said, “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it.” I have dreamt a lot of things that have never and most likely will never come true. On the flip side though, I believe half that statement is true. Yes, we all have dreams and aspirations, but 99.9% of the time we are not willing to put the work into make those dreams happen. Therefore merely dreaming it, as we are all more then capable of, just won’t cut it. I think the statement should be revised to look more like, “If you can dream it, are willing to put the work into it even when you are tired, are willing to put your fears and doubts of failure to the side day in and day out, are willing to make some sacrifices, and will continually take a small step toward your goal everyday even if it seems like you are making no progress, then your chances to achieve it are exponentially higher than when you dreamed it.” I see why they shortened it.

I believe that no one ever gets to where they want solely on their own. Take the president for example. Look at ALL the people that surround him daily or when he is running for office. Or look at an actor, pro athlete, successful entrepreneur, what have you. They may have all had the dream for themselves, but they also had a team (or that one person) that believed in them to the core to fulfill it. That person that was there on the dark days and reminded them of that dream so they could keep pushing towards it. That team is there for ongoing support and encouragement, trouble shooting ideas with, accountability, and doing the small things so you can focus on your big dream, etc. My point being, it may be your dream, but you are not alone in completing it.

Who is your support?
How do they support you in reaching your dreams?
In what way, if any, could they support you differently that would benefit you better?

Now that you have recognized your support system, GO AND THANK THEM! Be sure to let them know either with kind words, or a thoughtful gift just how much you appreciate them being there for you. Thank them for believing in your talents and thank them for being authentically themselves, so that you can be your authentic self. *Feel free to add any other mushy thank you notes that your heart desires!

I love this following clip. It is short, simple, and to the point. This is Ric Elias on the 3 things he learned while his plane crashed.

Watch it here!

So here is to enjoying the cheap wine in life. To letting go of negative energy, the fears that hold us back, and more so embracing our dreams and the people that encourage us get along the journey.



New Year, New You

This morning at 4:30am I started a journey with my three best friends to the most watched city in the US on December 31st, New ImageYork City. Though our eyes were sleepy, we were more than eager to reach our destination. I mean honestly what better way to ring in the New Year than with your favorite people in the Big Apple. I am currently writing to you all from my best friend’s apartment in the Lower East Side, defrosting from the chilly stroll across the city. I have been to the city before, but not during this time. I have to say there is a definitely a different feel in the brisk air today with the anticipation of the ball drop tonight. The count down to midnight is on and before we know it, the New Year and new resolutions will be here. Have you set yours yet? If not don’t worry because that is not what this post is about!

Could it be that 2014 is finally your year? Every year at this time we are bombarded with the promise of a new year and a blank slate. We all set at least 10 new years resolutions because, lets face it, one’s just not good enough and we love the “go big or go home” frame of thinking. Much to all our aspirations that we set out with and the great year deal membership that we just bought for the gym up the street, it’s week two of the new year and that new you you’ve imagined is looking further and further away. It’s not that we didn’t really want to reach all of our goals, but our lives are still equally as busy as they were in 2013 as they will be when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. If only that clock was magical and when it struck midnight could build in even just three more hours into each day to allow more time to work on the dreams that you have for yourself. Most of the time we all know what we have to be doing in order to reach our ideal life, but don’t know quite where to start. In most cases we set out to climb Mount Everest without ever setting the small goals in between to reach the “grand finale” goal.

ImagePart of my job as a health coach includes creating awareness about yourself and implementing simple behaviors over time to get you lasting results. In short, we work together to identify the Mount Everest in your life and then find the small steps in between to get you there. The last thing I ever want is to reach a goal and see it slowly fade away because I didn’t create new behaviors that I would continually do for the rest of my life. Or possibly even worse would be to set a goal for myself, but then not plan a map to get there, and inevitably fail in the end leaving me feeling defeated. These are simple things that can be avoided 99.9% of the time when you start with the right approach.

 So since at this time of year you are being overrun with new diets, workout equipment, weight loss “all natural” supplements, the list goes on that all hold the pledge that in 2014 you will be the best you with their help, I’d like to offer something different to you. Instead of rattling off some resolutions off the top of your head, take some time to reflect. Get away from the hustle and bustle of life for a small period of time, at least 20 minutes to an hour. Depending on your geography or personal preference it could include sitting outside in a park, by a fireplace with a hot cup of tea, a coffee shop, or wherever you are able to think and reflect best.

*What do you want? The sky is the limit, but be specific.Image

*If you could achieve this, what would that do for you? Think of the emotions you might feel or how your life would be different when you accomplish this.

*What has gotten in the way of you reaching your goals in the past?

*What are some of your strengths?

*What are some of your weaknesses?

*Where could you use more support in your life?

*At what point in your life did you feel your best? What was going on for you during this time?

*What is something that you have always wanted to do, but made excuses as to why it was never the right time yet?

*What did 2013 teach you?

These are just a couple questions to get your mind thinking. What if instead of the typical new years resolutions, it was to repair a relationship that has gone astray? Maybe it’s to take that trip you’ve always day dreamed of at work, to sing more and louder (I swear my car performance should be nominated for a Grammy), or dance more. New Year’s resolutions in my opinion should be all about adding more joy into your life, because nowadays no matter where you look there are stressors waiting to attack you. Plus it is easy to make excuses to keep working more and more and put off play “just for now.” However, with this mentality it is rare that the playtime actually ever comes.


It is all about balance, not one extreme or the other.

Let this New Year bless you with more health and happiness than you know what to do with!



Exciting Changes!

Over the next few weeks there will be some minor changes to the layout of the page. This will mostly happen in the different tabs at the top of the page so that it will be easier for you all to navigate instead of one endless stream of posts!

Some of the different tabs will have more information on Essential Oils like the different qualities out there, safety in using them, the history and different uses. Also there will be a tab that will direct you to a place where you can purchase them from as well.

You will also be able to read up on my story and why I am on the journey that I am, as well as, some info on life coaching. If you would like to set up an appointment for life coaching I would love to do that for you. I am still a student in the program and just looking for some practice out in the field, therefore the rates would be extremely cheap!

Other than that you can explore some different recipes that I will do my best to keep updating consistently.



While I wish this is where I was spending my day, I am instead curled up inside on this rainy day working away with some hot tea by my side.


Hope your view is a little more like the one above! I look forward to seeing you all on the updated site coming very soon,


P.S: I just got back from the doTERRA East Coast Conference where I learned SOO much information on essential oils and the science of why they work so gosh darn good! As soon as my brain has had a chance to recover and process all the information I will be posting it here:D

Monday night savasana to Tuesday morning flow

No body in their right mind likes Monday, which is probably why I do. It is a chance for me to take everything that I prepared over the weekend and hit the ground running once the alarm clock goes off. 

In a perfect world it would be without an alarm clock, but for now it will have to do. 

My favorite part of Monday… hot yoga with Loren. 

It feels amazing to open up your muscles, mind, and heart and surrender them to a very very hot room… 106 degrees to be precise. 

The first time I walked into a hot yoga class I wanted to run out gasping for cold air. I thought the idea of “breathing your way through it” sounded impossible. Now it is one of my favorite yoga classes! 

The other part I love is the ten minutes or so afterward that I get to catch up with Loren. Usually the weekend takes us apart between work and studies, so this is our time to recap. 

If one were to eavesdrop on our conversation they would probably think someone had just shown us the world for the first time. Our inner child releases and our dreams and aspirations come pouring out. The creativity in our minds is endless and it is magnificent. 

While many hate Monday this is why I love it. I get recharged and ready to go for the week and look forward to all the triumphs and victories it has to offer. 



Well why stop there when you can start your day off with yoga too, right? Well I look forward to 6am yoga now and the drinks to follow!


Fresh juice and black coffee with a little honey and cinnamon.


1/2 green apple

1 stalk celery

1 beet

2 large carrots

thumb of ginger

lemon without rhine 

(I think that was everything it was super early when I made it)


Have one awesome day,